Commercial Cleaning

Cleaning Professionals

The Business Case for Clean

At Knight Clean, we offer clients a superior clean and are committed to the highest standard of service excellence. We work with organizations from a wide range of industries who trust us with the cleaning of diverse facilities — from offices and medical clinics, to auto dealerships and golf course clubhouses.

Our goal is to be a trusted partner in the success of your business. Here’s how Knight Clean can add value for your organization:

First Impressions

From the first handshake, first impressions are critical in business — and they matter just as much as the business environment itself. Our cleaning technicians are armed with the best training and tools of the trade to create a clean and attractive space that appeals to customers, business associates, and staff.

Health and Wellness

Of course, the value of professional cleaning is about much more than appearances. Research shows that professional cleaning eliminates toxins and allergens, boosting your company’s productivity by reducing sick days and improving employee performance. Knight Clean’s meticulous approach to cleaning means that your facility will be a healthier workplace.

Quality Service

With our systematic approach to cleaning, Knight Clean delivers the most detailed and consistent service. We bring to the table decades of experience, highly trained, and committed cleaning technicians, and the best cleaning techniques in the industry.

Safe for Your Environment

Our cleaning technicians use specialized equipment and sanitize with steam to kill micro-organisms like bacteria, mould, mildew, and viruses. All our disinfectants and cleaning solutions are green products that don’t threaten the health of people or the environment. We will never compromise on health and safety.

And with Knight Clean’s 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, we stand behind the work we do for all of our clients — every time.