Client Commitments

Knight Clean stands firm in its commitment to creating cleaner, healthier, and more productive business environments for our clients. In this way, we endeavour to earn your trust and become a partner in your organization’s long-term success.

At all levels of our organization, we are guided by our Five Client Commitments, which include:


1. Service excellence

Knight Clean exceeds client expectations through its commitment to continuous improvement, innovation, and customer experience.


2. Staying ahead of the curve

We remain up-to-date on the industry’s best cleaning techniques, equipment, and products.


3. Best-in-class training

Extensive training for our cleaning technicians means the teams taking care of the cleaning requirements of your business are both highly skilled and committed.


4. Superior quality control

While first impressions matter, so do second, third, and fourth impressions. Knight Clean’s attention to detail ensures we provide excellent service on every visit. Our Quality Control Specialist performs regular site visits to ensure our staff are providing the highest level of service for all of our clients by delivering our company standard.


5. A focus on safety

Health and safety is a corporate value at Knight Clean. This appears in all aspects of our business, from the cleaning products we use (safe for people and the environment) to a GPS check-in/check-out system (tracking when our staff arrive and leave your facility for the security of your facility and our cleaning technicians). For your company’s protection, we also carry $5 million in liability insurance, as well as WCB coverage for all of our cleaning technicians.