Does Knight Clean use green products?

Yes, we are an environmentally conscientious company and use only environmentally safe and biodegradable products that are Green Seal approved.

How much insurance do you carry?

Knight Clean provides,  $5,000,000.00 of liability insurance, as well as WCB coverage for all of our cleaning technicians.


How often can your cleaning technicians visit my facility?

We can visit as frequently or as seldom as you require. Knight Clean provides customized solutions to each of our clients, since no client’s business is the same, nor is their cleaning requirements. A customer service representative can design a schedule that meets your needs.


Do you offer one-time cleaning?

Yes, Knight Clean can provide one-time cleaning, even with short-notice. We offer 24-hour service for emergencies.


What happens during a site visit from a commercial estimator?

Here at Knight Clean, we pride ourselves on paying attention to detail and providing high level of customer service.  Hence, the Commercial Estimator (CE) performs a “needs analysis” to determine the cleaning and scheduling requirements.  The CE visits the site to be cleaned and conducts a full meticulous walk though of the premise.  This way, Knight Clean is able to provide a ‘customized plan’ for each client.  We at Knight Clean believe that this provides a personal touch with the client, and the start of a new relationship!  In addition, we are then able to discuss with the client our other service offerings that many of our clients take advantage of (residential cleaning and carpet cleaning (Dust Queen) and commercialized cleaning (Knight Clean).

Does Knight Clean provide emergency service in the event of a flood or other issue?

Yes.  Knight Clean provides emergency services in the event of floods, disasters, etc.

Do you provide carpet cleaning?

Yes, and Knight Clean can also incorporate this into your regular cleaning schedule customized for YOU!

Do I need to commit to a lengthy service agreement?

Knight Clean sets up service agreements between clients which is customized and catered to each client’s needs.

How do you keep cleaning technicians and facility staff members safe?

Our customized job check in system ensures that our cleaning technicians check in on arrival and check out once the job has been completed. This ensures not only safety for our employees but ensures that we have record of exact time for entry and exiting of your business premises.

How does the customized job check-in/check-out system work?

Our cleaning technicians carry iPads loaded with a special app that allows them to check-in at the start of a job and check-out when they’re leaving. This ensures not only safety for our employees, but that your company is aware of the exact times we’ve entered and exited the premises.

How much training do technicians receive?

All our cleaning technicians undergo an extensive two-week training program and must adhere to our safety requirements, as per Alberta’s Occupational Health and Safety regulations.

In addition, the employees must also follow company standards which are enforced by our Quality Control Specialist.